Evan Olson - List of Songs

Has 18 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Thing About Pam - Poster
Joel and Nate have lunch during the court recess where they bump into one of Nate's friends.
NOS4A2 - Poster
Vic arrives at Tiffany's place and finds her father playing around with a topless Tiffany in the backyard.
99 Homes - Poster
Plays in the background as Rick discuss to his group on how they should clean up the house before selling it. Dennis arrives at the scene and enters the house.
90210 - Poster
Dixon, Teddy & Ivy promise to help Liam with his Jen problem.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Matt & Smash discuss MacGill's remarks.
The Hills - Poster
Transition to Heidi's interview scene.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nathan asks Haley about her mittens.
Alias - Poster
Graduation gown/Sloane's phonecall to Syd.
Scooby-Doo - Poster
The gang sets up the trap for the monsters.
Roswell - Poster
Maria & Michael on their date at the bowling alley.