T. Rex - List of Songs

Has 35 songs in the following movies and television shows

9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
Owen, Tommy and Judd coach on Paul through the firefigther course after his loss of self from his heart surgery and heart defibrillator instantiation.
The Pursuit of Love - Poster
[Unreleased arrangement] Alconleigh is visited by their nearest neighbor, Lord Merlin; Montage; Fanny tells of the rumors surrounding Lord Merlin; Davey offers to introduce Linda and Fanny to Merlin; Fanny heads off the upstairs cupboard.
9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
At a store, Owen helps Zoe with hair and face care; Owen and Zoe make out back at Owen's.
Doom Patrol - Poster
1977 - As The Chief drives Jane away from the psychiatric hospital, she receives a message from Morden about a task to do after The Decreator is taken care of; Present day - Jane paints outside the mansion, then has a sudden thought about The Doom Patrol.
The Deuce - Poster
Vince is talking to Abby about books
My Friend Dahmer - Poster
Plays on the car radio as Dahmer drives out of the house.
Baby Driver - Poster
Song that Baby and Debora listen to at the Laundromat.
The Circle - Poster
First song as Mae Holland's car breaks down.
Legion - Poster
As they drive down the road, Lenny tells Oliver to head for somewhere warm; end credits.
Transparent - Poster
First song during the flashback as the kids name their pet turtle.
The Purge: Election Year - Poster
Opening scene; First song that plays on the Ipod.
Holding The Man - Poster
Tim watches John play footie.
Grudge Match - Poster
The fight video goes viral.
Dallas Buyers Club - Poster
Rayon is playing this song at their new office. Some new customers arrive. Again end credits.
Dallas Buyers Club - Poster
Montage of Ron traveling around the world, making deals with various pharmaceutical companies.
Dallas Buyers Club - Poster
Ron finds Rayon shooting heroin at her room.
Drift - Poster
Song during the surfing competition.
Bones - Poster
Brennan gets Sweets to dance to celebrate being alone.
Dark Shadows - Poster
Song as the party/happening starts.
Drive Angry - Poster
Piper walks in on her boyfriend, Frank, having sex with another girl.
Barney's Version - Poster
First song as Barney reads the book and remembers back to meeting Boogie in Italy.
The Bank Job - Poster
First song during opening scenes. Shots of Caribbean with a photographer taking photos of people having sex.