Sheryl Crow - List of Songs

Has 43 songs in the following movies and television shows

James vs. His Future Self - Poster
Courtney and James are served their 'special' meals, then go home and make-out until James has an inspiration for his work.
Frequency - Poster
Oct 26, 1996 - a woman leaves a bar, starts to feel the effects of being drugged and is grabbed by a man.
Everest - Poster
Caro does medical checks on Doug and Beck.
Hindsight - Poster
Becca and Kevin eat pretzels in the rain and he tries to convince her to give them a chance.
Hindsight - Poster
Lolly begs Becca to tell her what happened with her and Kevin in the future.
Hindsight - Poster
Becca, Lolly and Phoebe arrive at the almost empty bar for Lois' party.
Boyhood - Poster
The kids and their mother move for the first time as children.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Mrs. James' funeral; Haley makes her mom's soup with Jamie's help; Lauren & Mouth kiss just before Skills arrives home; Julian & Brooke kiss; Quinn tells Clay she loves him; Katie dyes her hair to match Sara's.
Privileged - Poster
Charlie leaves; Sage goes to confession.
Cars - Poster
Opening scene while lighting mcqueen get ready for race
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Poster
Harry wakes up in the back of car before sneaking into the house. He is hiding under the bed and watches as the pink haired lady is killed.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Peyton draws in her room.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nikki & Lucas make-out on the carousel.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nathan confronts Deb; Lucas goes to see Brooke.
Alias - Poster
Syd and Vaughn hug; half-assed attempts at explanations; Syd vanishes.
Roswell - Poster
Liz & Future Max have their 'wedding dance' on the roof.
Roswell - Poster
Larry tells Jennifer he is ready to get married.
Point Break - Poster
Johnny tries to persuade Tyler to teach him surfing. He lies that his parents were killed in a carwreck, and Tyler, an orphan herself, agrees to help