J. Roddy Walston & The Business - List of Songs

Has 13 songs in the following movies and television shows

Walker - Poster
Outside of the Majestic, Stella, Augie, Faye, and Colton wait for Todd to show up with the tickets; Colton bags on Todd for turning up with the tickets, Stella comes to Todd defense; Augie takes Colton to the side and counsels him about Stella and Todd.
Walker - Poster
At the Walker homestead, the Walkers gather in the kitchen as they make and gather their current meal together as the food makes its way to the dinning room Walker and Liam run into each other causing the breaking of a bowl between the two bringing of the current strife between the two.
The Originals - Poster
Declan shows Hayley and Vincent a missing flyer for Hayley; (continues) zDeclan voices how he's concern about Hayley when no one else is.
Siren - Poster
Doug talks with Ben about their father's plan to work together; Maddie spots Ryn; Ryn gets knocked into the swimming pool; [0:45] continues as Jerry leads everyone to jump into the pool, just as the police arrive to break up the party.
Quarry - Poster
Live band plays this song as the two detective drink and discuss the case.
Revenge - Poster
At Stowaway, Amanda watches Jack work.