Bob Marley and The Wailers - List of Songs

Has 12 songs in the following movies and television shows

Just Go With It - Poster
Played over the top of 'Tainted Love' as Palmer walks out of the water.
90210 - Poster
Dixon explains DJing to Ivy; Dixon plays Bob Marley to cheer up Ivy.
Funny People - Poster
Ira makes George a playlist to try to help him feel better. This is the first song he plays him.
Fool's Gold - Poster
Finn watches the helicopter overhead as it lands on the yacht.
I Am Legend - Poster
Neville washes the dog and plays this song on his ipod
I Am Legend - Poster
plays in Nevilles truck on the way to the CD store
I Am Legend - Poster
Neville plays this song for Anna and tells her about Bob Marley
50 First Dates - Poster
Lucy and Henry start talking during breakfast.
Blue Crush - Poster
First song. Anne drives down the beach after JJ tells her it's good surf.