St. Vincent - List of Songs

Has 27 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Bold Type - Poster
Nude in Jane's apartment, Jane tells Ryan that he doesn't need to worry about Ben as she choose him; Jane tells Sutton to do whatever feel right when it comes to moving in with Richard as they pack up Adena things with Kat; Kat posts about sending Adena her things back,
BoJack Horseman - Poster
Party scenes: At the start and at the end. Second chorus is played during the end credits.
Famous in Love - Poster
At the Luminiscent cocktail party, Jake, Billy and Paige meet with PJ Carmichael.
13 Reasons Why - Poster
Clay outside school. Camera Rotating around him
iZombie - Poster
Blaine berates his employees for not being able to find the astronaut brains; Major buys some more black market weapons.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Poster
Bella and Emmett have an arm wrestle, Bella wins.
Ringer - Poster
Bridget admits to Victor that the gunman tried to kill her a few months ago; Catherine calls the gunman's phone.