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Death Note Soundtrack [2017]

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Reckless (Don't Be So...) - Australian Crawl

Reckless (Don't Be So...)

Australian Crawl


Opening scene at a high school in Seattle, Washington. Light Turner is sitting by himself as he finishes someone else's homework.


L asks Watari to sing this song to help him sleep. (1:03) Watari sings this song as he drives to the abandoned orphanage.

Skaters Carousel



Light and Mia are riding the carousel as they talk about L.

Deceive (feat. Sune Rose Wagner)



The agents walk up to the rooftops of the buildings and walk off the ledge of the building.

Don't Change


1h 6m

Light and Mia arrive at the homecoming dance.


IO Echo

1h 8m

Mia asks Light if she could dance with Brandon. Light accepts and gives Brandon his hat.

Take My Breath Away - Berlin

Take My Breath Away


1h 10m

Light arrives back at the homecoming dance and confronts Mia about the missing page.

Abandoned Streets

Jordan F

1h 13m

L steals the police car and drives to Light's location. Light's father calls all avaliable units to arrest L and put Light in protective custody.

Feel My Love (feat. Quails)

Jordan F

1h 14m

The agents enter the homecoming dance and look for Light.

1h 15m

L spots Light and drives the police car as he chases down Light.

1h 16m

L chases Light through the streets of Seattle.

I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love


1h 23m

Light holds Mia's hand as Ryuk causes the Ferris wheel to collapse. Mia grabs the Death Note as she falls to her death.

The Power of Love (You Are My Lady)

Air Supply

1h 29m

Light's father confronts light at the hospital and tells him that he knows that he is Kira. Light then tells his father about the Death Note. L is about to be taken to Japan when he remembers a comment that Light has made and heads straight to Light's house. He finds a page from the Death Note with a list of names of all the agents that were killed. He contemplates about placing Light's name as the credits roll.

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Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross

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