The Low Life (1995) Soundtrack

1 Nov 1995





The Low Life, released on 1 Nov 1995, consists of a playlist of 216 credited songs, from various artists including Bill Boll, Tim Gallaher and The Icons. The original score is composed by Bill Boll.

List of Songs

HellevatorBill Boll
All Become of Us (The Low Life Version)Tim Gallaher
Ride My BikeThe Icons
Turn Up the RadioAutograph
Stickin' My Dick (In Things In The Mall)Bill Boll
James At SixteenBill Boll
BecomeTim Gallaher
Running With The NightBill Boll
HellraiserThe Sweet
After I Say I'm SorryPercival Mackey & His Band
Falling FishTim Gallaher
Emulate UsBill Boll
AC-DCThe Sweet
El ImpuestoQuetzalcoatl
Je Te VeuxJennifer Nelson & Phil Markovitz
Baby Talks DirtySic Vikki
If I Had A Talking Picture Of YouHarry Bidgood & His Broadcasters
Kiss You All OverExile
Daddy's CaptainSleeper
The Low LifeMike Chapman
Supersonic Soda PopHypnotique
Love Is a BattlefieldHolly Knight
La GallinaQuetzalcoatl
FourBill Boll
If It All Goes WrongMike Chapman
The Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet
Just Another DaySleeper
Diva De L'EmpireJennifer Nelson
El Gaban Y El GavilanQuetzalcoatl
Mariam FayeSleeper
Only The YoungSean Astin
Only the YoungJourney

Official Soundtrack OST

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mario calderon4 years ago
The soundtrack of the film was so amazing, I just had to add it to the list. Also, I highly recommend this film to everyone. it is an interesting piece of art that examines the life of a starving artist in LA.

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