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47 Meters Down Soundtrack

16 Jun 2017

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The official soundtrack of 47 Meters Down (AKA In The Deep) contains 32 phenomenal tracks by tomandandy. The film also features music by Axel Mansilla, Los Mejores Mariachis de Mexico, Syn Cole and Richard Hawley.

Complete List of Songs

  • Axel Mansilla
    Opening scene where Lisa dives up and scares Kate.
    Mario Calderon
  • It's You
    Syn Cole
    Kate invites Lisa to a party where they meet some local men named Javier and Louis.
    Mario Calderon
  • Los Mejores Mariachis de México
    Kate and Lisa are having dinner with Javier and Louis. They talk about cage diving with sharks.
    Mario Calderon
  • Down in the Woods
    Richard Hawley
    The local men takes the sisters on a boat ride to the deep end of the sea to go cage diving. Later, plays entirely during the end credits.
    Mario Calderon

Official Soundtrack

47 Meters Down - Official Soundtrack
47 Meters Down (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
32 songs
28 Jul 2017

Trailer Music

  • 47 METERS DOWN Official Trailer (2017) Mandy Moore, Shark Movie HD


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