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The Loved Ones (2009) Soundtrack

13 Sep 2009





The Loved Ones, released on 13 Sep 2009, consists of a playlist of 48 credited songs, from various artists including Sophie Koh, CC Martini and Parkway Drive. The original score is composed by Ollie Olsen.

List of Songs

SuperStarSophie Koh
Dirty Thoughts (feat. Tiffany Kommedal)CC Martini
Idols and AnchorsParkway Drive
HellholeWitch Hats
Lonesome LoserLittle River Band
Lay Me DownAbbe May
God Is Dead (Meet the Kids)British India
The Long Drive HomePrincess One Point Five
TyphonOllie Olsen
MenoetiusOllie Olsen
Simulated 01Ollie Olsen
The Sharpest ClawsThe Dirtbombs
Agile, Mobile and HostileAndre Williams & The Diplomats of Solid Sound
Solid GoldBlack Diamond Heavies
She's Not the Only OneLittle Red
Not Pretty EnoughKasey Chambers
Let's RollMammoth Mammoth
Snuff Is My BusinessBlack Like Vengeance
Gimme the AwesomeEndless Boogie
Simulated 02Ollie Olsen
FoolLittle Red
Princess CrowningGeoffrey Russell
Oh So Lonesome for YouPete Molinari
Lost CauseCosmic Psychos
Simulated 03Ollie Olsen
Simulated 04Ollie Olsen
Not Pretty EnoughRobin McLeavy
Simulated 07Ollie Olsen
Mirrorball of Death (The Loved Ones Remix)Shaolin Wooden Men
HomecomingRobert Mackenzie

Official Soundtrack OST

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mario calderon4 years ago
The song in The Loved Ones is What Army by Massive Noise Machine. It's not publicly available as of yet.

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