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SGT. Will Gardner (2019) Soundtrack

11 Jan 2019





SGT. Will Gardner, released on 11 Jan 2019, consists of a playlist of 10 credited songs, from various artists including Jason Aldean, Narcotic Thrust and Linda Ronstadt. The original score is composed by Jay DeMarcus.

List of Songs

On My HighwayJason Aldean
Waiting for YouNarcotic Thrust
Blue BayouLinda Ronstadt
CruiseFlorida Georgia Line
Wat Da Hook Gon BeMurphy Lee
Arranca en FaSonora Carruseles
Misery and GinMerle Haggard
AngelSarah McLachlan
I Won't Let GoRascal Flatts

Official Soundtrack OST

No soundtracks are currently available for this title.

Trailer Songs

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guest3 years ago
Does the piano song have a name?
imran_uddin3 years ago
What song did the lady sing when the two men were riding to.arlington cemetery towards the end of the movie?
guest3 years ago
Why will someone not answer? I want to know that song as well - the one where his friend sang it in the hotel room while playing the guitar
guest3 years ago
Song sang by his dead friend ?
guest3 years ago
what song did the black man sing?
guest3 years ago
What was the song that a black vet sang in the hotel room, while playing a guitar?
guest3 years ago
Theres a song played on guitar in the hotel room by Sgt Will's dead buddy...what awas it?
guest3 years ago
what song did the black man sing?

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