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Cold Pursuit (2019) Soundtrack

7 Feb 2019





Cold Pursuit, released on 7 Feb 2019, consists of a playlist of 42 credited songs, from various artists including George Fenton & Dan Carey, Pretenders and The Shadows. The original score is composed by George Fenton.

List of Songs

SpeedoGeorge Fenton & Dan Carey
2000 Miles - 2007 RemasterPretenders
ApacheThe Shadows
Stand By Your ManTammy Wynette
Barbie GirlAqua
Let's FlyJohnny Mercer
Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major Op. 73 - "Emperor": II. Adagio un Poco MossoVladimir Ashkenazy & Cleveland Orchestra
I Wish I Had a GirlHenry Lee Summer
The String Quartet No.12 in F Major Op.96The Cleveland Quartet
Coyote DanceRobbie Robertson

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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guest3 years ago
What was the country song playing in the taxi before eskimo said change it
guest3 years ago
Same question ; what was the Christmas song playing at the airport when Santa got it ? Help driving me nuts....
guest3 years ago
What was the Holiday song that played when Santa got rubbed out?
guest3 years ago
I want to know the name of the song that was playing in the commercial cold pursuit thanks.

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