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Then Came You (2019) Soundtrack

1 Feb 2019





Then Came You, released on 1 Feb 2019, consists of a playlist of 22 credited songs, from various artists including SaraoMusic, Damon Criswell & Bradley James Skistimas and Andrea Litkei & Ervin Litkei. The original score is composed by Spencer David Hutchings.

List of Songs

If you Find WaterSaraoMusic
Only Make BelieveDamon Criswell & Bradley James Skistimas
Chica MejicanitaAndrea Litkei & Ervin Litkei
SpellboundDamon Criswell & Brian Jackson Harris
Stealing TimeDamon Criswell
Wash It All AwayDamon Criswell & Bradley James Skistimas
MoonshineMy Pet Dragon
AirborneDamon Criswell & Bradley James Skistimas
Take My HandCut One & Meg Cottone
Coming Back HomeSaraoMusic
Happy ClapsDying Regret
Draw the LightSunday Night Syndrome
Laser My FlavourGary Router & Wade Snowman
Baby BuntingScarlet Tanager
Do Not Let GoGeorge Simms & Simon Astall
Nothing Stands In Our WayWayne Murray, Timothy Larcombe & Lana McDonagh
Running With FireJames Brett
We WalkTom Hillock & Julien Bonneau

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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er1201a year ago
got it spellbound-
guest2 years ago
why can't I find the spellbound song I have been looking for ages it needs put on YouTube now
guest3 years ago
I couldn't find this Ashley party song "Spellbound" anywhere! Can someone share the link if they found it?
guest3 years ago
What is the name of the song at the swimming pool scene?

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