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You Can't Stop Me

Andy Mineo

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First football game scenes

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Zach and his team are seen practicing football.

Good Life

Justin Jones

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Dave Truett is casually strolling in the supermarket right before he runs into Nanny.

Change - RIVVRS



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Zach is walking on the road after his dad came to see him and Dave.

Deaf (Bonus Track)

Derek Minor

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Zach is at the party out on the field, enjoying the celebration.



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At the football game, Zach is seen hurt on the sidelines.

Lost In My Mind - The Head and the Heart

Lost In My Mind

The Head and the Heart

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Dave is shown jogging in a scene.

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Zach and Ginger are seen on their coffee date.

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Zach and Dave are shown eating together, and later, they drive to the cemetery.

Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw)


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The boys running, Zach's dad drinking and playing pool, Nanny putting up newspaper clippings, and dates between Zach and Ginger.

Sweet Life

Tate Stevens

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Another Story - The Head and the Heart

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You Are a Memory - Message to Bears

You Are a Memory

Message to Bears

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Zach is seen driving after talking with Nanny in the hospital.

We Are (Champions) [feat. SPZRKT]

Derek Minor

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Zach is driving home after the race.

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4 years ago

What's the title of the song that was sang when Zachary went home to pick things for David in the hospital in Run the race movie?

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