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Chappaquiddick Soundtrack [2018]

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Lila - Fapardokly


First song playing on the radio as Mary Jo talks with Rachel about working with Bobby and Ted's offer.

Run to the Sun

Sunset Love


Second song playing on the radio as Ted asks Mary Jo about his offer.

And I Will Follow

After All


Ted goes sailing with his associates. Ted arrives at the house party. The guests raise their glasses for Ted. [1:41] Second end credits song.

Kneel and Pray - The Paragons

Kneel and Pray

The Paragons


Joey talks to Mary Jo to travel to the Boston to watch the Red Sox game. He talks about his family before Mary Jo sits next to Ted.

Dark White - The Music Machine


Playing on Ted's car stereo as he talks to Mary Jo about his father.

It's a New Day - The Sensations

It's a New Day

The Sensations


Joey talks to a woman at the party about Bobby. Ted arrives at the house and tells Joey there is a problem.

The Plains - Garth Stevenson

The Plains

Garth Stevenson


Ted arrives home and takes a bath. He remembers the accident as he submerges himself in the water.

Cypress - Alexander Mccabe


Ted is talking to the Richards at the restaurant when Joey and Paul arrive and asks Ted to speak with him in private.

PCL255 Suite for Violoncello No.1 in G Major, BWV 1007 - Prelude V2

Jim Long

1h 5m

Dick phones James Reston from the New York Times to inform him about Ted's concussion.

1h 13m

Teddy arrives at Mary Lo's funeral. Joey talks with Mary Jo's parents.

Prelude and Fugue in E Minor, BWV 555: Prelude

Martin Lücker

1h 16m

Rachael talks with Ted after the funeral. She asks him how his wife is.

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