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The Death of Dick Long (2019) Soundtrack

27 Sep 2019





The Death of Dick Long, released on 27 Sep 2019, consists of a playlist of 11 credited songs, from various artists including Wes Frazer, Scotty Lee and Byron Sonnier, Brenda Lee and The Avett Brothers. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Lauren Marie Mikus. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Skin. The original score is composed by Andy Hull, Robert McDowell.

List of Songs

I Ride an Ole PaintWes Frazer, Scotty Lee and Byron Sonnier
Break It To Me GentlyBrenda Lee
The Weight of LiesThe Avett Brothers
Down With the SicknessRobert Mcdowell and Andy Hull
Strange WayFirefall
It's Been a WhileMichael Abbot Jr., Andre Hyland, & Daniel Scheinert
Lawnmower ManGucci Mane
How You Remind MeNickelback
Better Than MeHinder
With Arms Wide OpenCreed

Official Soundtrack OST

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guesta year ago
at 1:13:40 when Zeke goes to the barn
guesta year ago
at minute 53:00 of the film when the cause of death discovered
guest2 years ago
And 7 days away and fall of envy and submersed and 12 stones and your demise and reign supreme and girl on fire and live my last and like a storm and halestorm and in this moment and american pearl and seether on the soundtrack
guest2 years ago
This movie needs disturbed and deftones and killswitch engage and sepultura and hatebreed and eighteen visions and the blank theory and pantera and coal chamber and korn and slipknot and sevendust and megadeth and avenged sevenfold and funeral for a friend and american pearl and sworn enemy and ill niño and powerman 5000 and diecast and trivium and egypt central and mudvayne and mushroomhead and linkin park and nothingface and nonpoint and in flames and devildriver and devilinside and my chemical romance and dark new day and breaking point and paramore and parkway drive and hourcast and the bled and it dies today and shadows fall and opeth and slow roosevelt and rob zombie

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Andy Hull, Robert McDowell