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A Bigger Splash (2015) Soundtrack

26 Nov 2015





A Bigger Splash, released on 26 Nov 2015, consists of a playlist of 37 credited songs, from various artists including Nathalie Tanner, Enrico Facini, Claudio Abbado, Berlin Philharmonic, Bryn Terfel, Anthony Mee & Anatolij Kotscherga and Captain Beefheart. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Robin Urdang. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Beckett, Palm Springs, The F**k-It List and Wild Mountain Thyme.

List of Songs

You Produce ThisNathalie Tanner
Falstaff: "Falstaff!" - "Olà!" - "Sir John Falstaff!"Enrico Facini, Claudio Abbado, Berlin Philharmonic, Bryn Terfel, Anthony Mee & Anatolij Kotscherga
Observatory CrestCaptain Beefheart
O BotoAntônio Carlos Jobim
Beauty Is Only Skin DeepRobert & Mitchum
Black Silk StockingChrisma
In MarciaCesare Chiodo
Jump Into the FireHarry Nilsson
Emotional RescueThe Rolling Stones
Ti PouchonToto Necessite
Worried About YouThe Rolling Stones
Bella CiaoElena Bucci
En el Ultimo TragoChavela Vargas
Moon Is UpThe Rolling Stones
Miss ManhattanRalph Fiennes & Tilda Swinton
I. Naive and Sentimental MusicJohn Adams
Aguirre I (l'acrime di rei)Popol Vuh
Arquitertura de Morar (Architecture To Live)Antonio Carlos Jobim
OkanagonEnsemble Phoenix Basel
Falstaff: "Ehi! Taverniere!" - "Mondo Ladro"Bryn Terfel, Claudio Abbado & Berlin Philharmonic
UnforgettableRalph Fiennes & Dakota Johnson
ValseAntônio Carlos Jobim
HeavenThe Rolling Stones
Pranam IIEnsemble Phoenix Basel
Emotional RescueSt. Vincent
Saudade do BrasilAntonio Carlos Jobim

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