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14 Aug 2019





Adam, released on 14 Aug 2019, consists of a playlist of 45 credited songs, from various artists including Charlie Tenku, Cheif C and Erase Errata. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Michael Hill. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as The White Tiger. The original score is composed by Jay Wadley, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 23 August, consisting of 20 original tracks.

List of Songs

Yolo SwagCharlie Tenku
Big BallingCheif C
CruisingErase Errata
Let Us DanceBeverly Glenn-Copeland
I Think Somebody Should Call the Love DoctorStereo Total
Ahha (It's a Good Thing)Nedra Johnson
Slurp & WobbleNerk & Dirk Leyers
Up And DownMisstress Barbara
Hella NervousGravy Train!!!!
Da BombDJ Deeon
Don't Make Me CryMaking Friendz
BichonPaper Music
Two 99sAndy Vale
Mexican SiestaJoel Goodman
Wooden GuitarPaper Music
Musique automatique Stereo Total
Las Mananitas (Mariachi Version)Carlos Periguez
Reflections in a Golden EyeHoroscope
Jack 2 JackPanash
NeapolisSacha Link
Why?Slumber Party
Sweepstakes PrizeMirah
For Me and My GalAdam Cast
ShamelessAni DiFranco
You Do the MathTara De Long

Official Soundtrack OST

Adam (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

Adam (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

20 songs • 2019-08-23
1.Title Track
Jay Wadley
2.Cab Ride
Jay Wadley
3.Equality March
Jay Wadley
4.Don’t Go Anywhere
Jay Wadley
5.I Don’t Want To Mess This Up
Jay Wadley
6.Movie Theatre Muzak
Jay Wadley
7.I Have Something To Tell You
Jay Wadley
8.The Vanishing Room
Jay Wadley
9.Being Yourself Is Brave
Jay Wadley
Jay Wadley
11.Floating On Air
Jay Wadley
12.You Look Twelve
Jay Wadley
13.How’s It Goin?
Jay Wadley
14.Go Away Adam
Jay Wadley
15.Camp Trans
Jay Wadley
16.Entirely Clueless
Jay Wadley
17.What Happened Was Messed Up
Jay Wadley
18.A Stupid Awful Thing
Jay Wadley
19.This Is It
Jay Wadley
20.Adam - End Credits
Jay Wadley

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