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Rudderless (2014) Soundtrack

17 Oct 2014





Rudderless, released on 17 Oct 2014, consists of a playlist of 47 credited songs, from various artists including Billy Crudup, Ben Kweller & Selena Gomez and Rudderless. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Liz Gallacher. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Outside the Wire, Palmer, Military Wives and Love. Wedding. Repeat.. The original score is composed by Eef Barzelay .

List of Songs

HomeBilly Crudup
Hold onBen Kweller & Selena Gomez
Wheels on the BusRudderless
Shoulder to the WheelTravis Linville
Beautiful MessRudderless
Whore in the MorningKate Micucci
Stay with YouRudderless
Over Your ShoulderRudderless
Don't You WorryWillie and Friends
Real FriendsRudderless
AssholeBen Limpic
Sing AlongBilly Crudup
Got a Lot of NerveChelsey Cope and Tara Dillard
Un Ratico FonescaFonesca & Nino
Devil EyesGary Michael Schultz and Brad Heinrichs
Softly (Like Swine)Holter & Standal
Be by YouHonkyTonkStepChild
Girls ThoughtsCirc
Ella ArrestoLoyzaga & Bavastro
SunriseDJ AXEL
I Don't Give a DamnMatthew Stratton
La Pomme De LamoJim Blake
1812 OvertureCharlton Pettus
Already ThereGeorge Byrne
The Stars and Stripes ForeverBoulevard Brass Quartet
Always GoldRadical Face
The Washington PostBoulevard Brass Quartet

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