All Day and a Night (2020) Soundtrack

1 May 2020

While serving life in prison, a young man looks back at the people, the circumstances and the system that set him on the path toward his crime.





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List of Songs

What a FriendMary Lewis and the All College State University
Pigeon FoodHannibal Leq
Shut UpMozzy
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenAaron Kaplan & Jamison Hollister
Every Kind of WayH.E.R.
HyphyMikos Da Gawd, Tia Nomore & Bruh from Last Night
D BoyHannibal Leq
Bring It to YaParis
Heart YouAisa
If You With ItPanauh Kalayeh, James Desmond, Louis Summervile & John Eugenio
CussWordsToo $hort
Get Stupid (Remix)Mac Dre
Bitch I Look Good (feat. P-LO)Kool John
He's So CrazyCadence Blaze
Super Sic Wit It (feat. Turf Talk & E-40)Mistah F.A.B featuring Turf Talk & E-40
I Got My NineRBL Posse
What A Friend We Have In Jesus "from All Day and A Night"Cast
Drip DrownJo Stunnah
Be MineNaomi August
AyySlimmy B
Unfortunately (feat. June)Mozzy
$hots Fired (feat. Kidd Marley)Classik
Ashes to AshesBlackalicious
Ain't Your FriendsPanauh Kalayeh, James Desmond, Louis Summervile & John Eugenio
Choices (Yup)E-40

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All Day and A Night Starring Jeffrey Wright & Ashton Sanders | Official Trailer | Netflix


guesta year ago
What’s the first song jahkor played when they was sitting down in stunna house and t rax told jahkor to put his music on and he said this his top song and it also plays at the end with the credits after E40 choices
guesta year ago
I love to know the title of the song he rapped in the studio ...and the ones he previewed on his phone At Stunna cribs ?
guesta year ago
Please What's the name of song Jahkor rapped in the studio?
guesta year ago
What is the song when Jahkor is driving to Stunna’s house and the guys checkout he’s car?
guesta year ago
What's the name of song Jahkor rapped in the studio?
guesta year ago
What is the music at the start of the film when he raps in the car ?
guesta year ago
Where and whats the song when jahkor and shantaye were listen in the car ?


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