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Goldie (2020) Soundtrack

16 Jan 2020





Goldie, released on 16 Jan 2020, consists of a playlist of 23 credited songs, from various artists including Enzo Villaparedes, Vybz Kartel and P-Dub. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Joe Rudge. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Long Weekend, False Positive and All the Bright Places. The original score is composed by Nathan Halpern, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 21 February, consisting of 13 original tracks.

List of Songs

La CulpaEnzo Villaparedes
Summer TimeVybz Kartel
Time is On Your SideP-Dub
Quisiera OlvidarteSandhy & Mandhy
Mi Nuh Trust PeopleVybz Kartel
Voices in My HeadKritikal
#OOOYASilk the Prince
L'amore Più BelloStephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna & Christian Padovan
Dance I AIn't Never SeenGeorge Sample III and Anthony Conley
Best In The World (Best Position Riddim)Klassik Frescobar
Rollin HardHamilton Birch
Be Like UsBlack Mattic
KontoVocal Slender
One With the BeatEloquence
Krakaka (ft. Biggie and MC Krakaka)Gualtiero
For A King "Goldie Ost"A$AP Ferg

Official Soundtrack OST

Goldie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

Goldie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

13 songs • 2020-02-21
1.Blow Up
Chris Ruggiero
Nathan Halpern
3.Goldie's Chase
Chris Ruggiero
4.Goldie's Escape
Nathan Halpern
5.Eli's Song
Nathan Halpern
6.Goldie in the Mirror
Nathan Halpern
7.Goldie on the Run
Nathan Halpern
8.Cold Slice
Nathan Halpern
9.Mommy in the Mirror
Nathan Halpern
10.Mister Bear
Chris Ruggiero
11.Goldie's Exit
Nathan Halpern
12.Goldie's Girls
Nathan Halpern
13.Goldie: End Credits
Chris Ruggiero


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