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16 Oct 2020





Rebecca, released on 16 Oct 2020, consists of a playlist of 28 credited songs, from various artists including Pentangle, Nia Ray and Clint Mansell. and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 23 October, consisting of 20 original tracks.

List of Songs

Let No Man Steal Your ThymePentangle
SoberNia Ray
Last Night I Dreamt I Went To Manderley AgainClint Mansell
21 Hungarian Dances, WoO 1: No. 6 in D-Flat Major. VivaceJohannes Brahms
Dancing Till 3Matt Dunkley
Billets douxDjango Reinhardt

Official Soundtrack OST

Rebecca (Music from the Netflix Film) - Official Soundtrack

Rebecca (Music from the Netflix Film)

20 songs • 2020-10-23
1.Last Night I Dreamt I Went To Manderley Again
Clint Mansell
2.Une Douzaine d'Huîtres
Clint Mansell
3.Côte d'Azur
Clint Mansell
4.A Bond In Common
Clint Mansell
5.Rebecca, Always Rebecca
Clint Mansell
6.The Peace Of Manderley
Clint Mansell
7.The Shadow Between Us
Clint Mansell
8.Do The Dead Come Back And Watch The Living
Clint Mansell
9.The Happy Valley
Clint Mansell
10.Rebecca's Room
Clint Mansell
11.The Quality Of Insincerity
Clint Mansell
12.I Could Fight The Living But I Could Not Fight The Dead
Clint Mansell
13.Je Reviens
Clint Mansell
14.All Memories Are Bitter
Clint Mansell
15.By Night She'd Come
Clint Mansell
16.The Second Mrs De Winter
Clint Mansell
17.The Wings Of Mercury
Clint Mansell
18.I Should Never Be Rid Of Rebecca
Clint Mansell
19.Tell Me That You Love Me Now
Clint Mansell
20.We Can Never Go Back Again
Clint Mansell

Trailer Songs

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