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Ava (2020) Soundtrack

2 Jul 2020





Ava, released on 2 Jul 2020, consists of a playlist of 6 credited songs, from various artists including Clovis Lemee, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Richard Freitas and Gerri Brioso. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Linda Cohen. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Our Friend, Things Heard & Seen, Licorice Pizza and The Tender Bar. The original score is composed by Bear McCreary, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 4 December, consisting of 15 original tracks.

List of Songs

Hall DisasterClovis Lemee
Kiss Me AgainJessica Lea Mayfield
Only For YouRichard Freitas, Gerri Brioso
After DinnerGreencastle Homer
10 SecondsStudio Musicians
Ocean (feat. Dave Gahan)Goldfrapp

Official Soundtrack OST

Ava (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

Ava (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

15 songs • 2020-12-04
Bear McCreary
2.Talking to the Target
Bear McCreary
3.Family and a Package
Bear McCreary
4.The Riyadh Job
Bear McCreary
5.Ava and Duke
Bear McCreary
6.Simon Calls the Shots
Bear McCreary
7.Fatherly Lies
Bear McCreary
8.Paying Toni a Visit
Bear McCreary
9.Michael Learns the Truth
Bear McCreary
10.Duke and Simon
Bear McCreary
11.Motherly Pride
Bear McCreary
12.Tail Spin
Bear McCreary
13.The Mini Bar
Bear McCreary
14.Following Simon
Bear McCreary
15.Who Ava Is
Bear McCreary

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