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28 Jan 2021





The Little Things, released on 28 Jan 2021, consists of a playlist of 42 credited songs, from various artists including The B-52's, The Cucumbers and Aaron Neville. The original score is composed by Thomas Newman, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 29 January, consisting of 25 original tracks.

List of Songs

RoamThe B-52's
Don't Watch TVThe Cucumbers
Tell It Like It IsAaron Neville
True LoveAlfie & the Explosions
At LastEtta James
Heart to HeartLen Boone
Twisted AvenuesMotion Pictures
Play ThingBarbara & The Browns
My GuyMary Wells
Love Can Make You HappyMercy
Kiss Me GoodnightTony Castle
ForeverDiana Duval
I Will Follow HimPeggy March
It Hurts Me So Much (To Be Able to Look and Know I Can't Touch)Barbara & The Browns
867-5309/JennyTommy Tutone
Be My BoyThe Paris Sisters
I Don't Want To Have To WaitBarbara & The Browns

Official Soundtrack OST

The Little Things (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

The Little Things (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

25 songs • 2021-01-29
1.Chevy Nova
Thomas Newman
2.Musica Latina
Thomas Newman
3.Motion to Dismiss
Thomas Newman
4.Meat Wagon
Thomas Newman
5.Second Story Walkup
Thomas Newman
6.Gentlemen's Club
Thomas Newman
7.Hollywood Cross
Thomas Newman
8.Shirley Temple To Go
Thomas Newman
9.Buck Twenty
Thomas Newman
10.Vacation Days
Thomas Newman
11.St Agnes
Thomas Newman
12.Wing Mirror
Thomas Newman
13.Jack Aboud
Thomas Newman
14.La Loma Bridge
Thomas Newman
15.Reverend Captain
Thomas Newman
Thomas Newman
17.New Disciple
Thomas Newman
18.I Won't Bite
Thomas Newman
Thomas Newman
20.Get Up
Thomas Newman
21.Strong Box
Thomas Newman
22.End of the World
Thomas Newman
23.Red Barrette
Thomas Newman
24.A Dead Girl Wakes
Thomas Newman
25.Little Things
Thomas Newman

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