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The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (2021) Soundtrack

15 Jan 2021





The Ultimate Playlist of Noise, released on 15 Jan 2021, consists of a playlist of 32 credited songs, from various artists including Pavement, Sheer Mag and Madeline Brewer. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Rob Lowry. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Freaky and All Together Now. The original score is composed by Erick Schroder, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 15 January, consisting of 14 original tracks.

List of Songs

Cut Your HairPavement
Crushed VelvetSheer Mag
Something to Believe InMadeline Brewer
Where I'm GoingMadeline Brewer
Jump on the FloorKranx
Get OutThe Goon Sax
True Love WaysBuddy Holly
A Love That DiedRosie McClain
Rockin' All Night LongWoody Two-Banger
Can't Stop Loving You, BabyCheryl Minage
You! Me! Dancing! - RemasteredLos Campesinos!
Disco Sunday MorningThe Boogie Boys
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowStarship
Rhapsody In BlueSlovak Philharmonic
Through the SmokeThe Districts
DowntownMajical Cloudz
Far From HomeMr Little Jeans

Official Soundtrack OST

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (Original Score) - Official Soundtrack

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (Original Score)

14 songs • 2021-01-15
1.When I Was A Kid
Erick Schroeder
2.Jump Off A Bridge
Erick Schroeder
3.I Really Love Sound
Erick Schroeder
4.Rest Of My Life
Erick Schroeder
5.He's Gonna Kill Us
Erick Schroeder
6.Lick My Ass
Erick Schroeder
Erick Schroeder
8.What Are Friends For?
Erick Schroeder
9.Why Didn't You Ask About My Scar?
Erick Schroeder
10.That's Not What Happened
Erick Schroeder
11.Hey, It's Me
Erick Schroeder
12.You Got This
Erick Schroeder
13.Life Without Hearing
Erick Schroeder
14.The Ultimate Playlist of Noise
Erick Schroeder

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