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22 Jan 2021





Our Friend, released on 22 Jan 2021, consists of a playlist of 22 credited songs, from various artists including Blaire Reinhard, Son of Stan and Dakota Johnson. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Linda Cohen. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Three Months, Things Heard & Seen and Licorice Pizza. The original score is composed by Rob Simonsen, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 22 January, consisting of 7 original tracks.

List of Songs

Shine the LightBlaire Reinhard
Feel Her DesignSon of Stan
Nobody’s SideDakota Johnson
Earth TransformedHarry Lightfoot
Visit to the ZooJoss Peach
Anais & MeSnowball II
Ramble OnLed Zeppelin
Sitting StillR.E.M.
Gold SparrowOliver Future
Heartland SoulDusty Grey
BelieverDustin Grey
Hands All Hands AroundDakota Johnson
Call Me MaybeCarly Rae Jepsen
Can't Find My Way Home - LiveSteve Winwood
Violin RagaKomang Parwati

Official Soundtrack OST

Our Friend (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

Our Friend (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

7 songs • 2021-01-22
1.Life and Death, Variation 1
Rob Simonsen
2.Life and Death, Variation 2
Rob Simonsen
3.Life and Death, Variation 3
Rob Simonsen
Rob Simonsen
5.Friend, Variation 1
Rob Simonsen
6.Friend, Variation 2
Rob Simonsen
7.Friend, Variation 3
Rob Simonsen

Trailer Songs

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In the movie Our Friend
juliecain1955@gmail.com4 months ago
What song is playing when Dane puts the headset on Nicole?

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