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25 Dec 1997





The Postman, released on 25 Dec 1997, consists of a playlist of 12 credited songs, from various artists including Amy Grant & Kevin Costner/The Postman Soundtrack, John Coinman and Jono Manson. The original score is composed by James Newton Howard, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 6 December, consisting of 15 original tracks.

List of Songs

You Didn't Have to Be So NiceAmy Grant & Kevin Costner/The Postman Soundtrack
Once This Was the Promise LandJohn Coinman
It Will Happen NaturallyJono Manson
You Didn't Have To Be So NiceJono Manson
The Next Big ThingJono Manson
This Perfect WorldJohn Coinman
Come and Get Your LoveJohn Coinman
Almost HomeJono Manson
Please Mr. PostmanKevin Costner
The Sound Of Music - From 'The Sound Of Music'Richard Rodgers
Theme From Days Of Our LivesTommy Boyce, Charles Albertine and Bobby Hart
America the BeautifulTownspeople

Official Soundtrack OST

The Postman - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack - Official Soundtrack

The Postman - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack

15 songs • 2005-12-06
1.Main Titles
James Newton Howard
2.Shelter in the Storm
James Newton Howard
3.The Belly of the Beast
James Newton Howard
4.General Bethlehem
James Newton Howard
5.Abby Comes Calling
James Newton Howard
6.The Restored United States
James Newton Howard
7.The Postman
James Newton Howard
8.Almost Home
Jono Manson
9.It Will Happen Naturally
Jono Manson
10.The Next Big Thing
Jono Manson
11.This Perfect World
John Coinman
12.Once This Was the Promise Land
John Coinman
13.I Miss My Radio
Jono Manson & John Coinman/The Postman Soundtrack
14.Come and Get Your Love
John Coinman
15.You Didn't Have to Be So Nice
Amy Grant & Kevin Costner/The Postman Soundtrack



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