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The Princess Diaries (2001) Soundtrack

3 Aug 2001





The Princess Diaries, released on 3 Aug 2001, consists of a playlist of 22 credited songs, from various artists including Krystal Harris, Chad & Jeremy and Steps. The original score is composed by John Debney, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 1 January, consisting of 25 original tracks.

List of Songs

SuperGirlKrystal Harris
A Summer SongChad & Jeremy
Happy Go LuckySteps
Trynna Finda WayNelly Furtado
The Make Break OverMark Isham
Ain't Nuthin' But A She ThingLil' J featuring Nobody's Angel and Tammie Phoenix
The JourneyMpulz
Catching a Falling StarLee Pockriss, Paul Vance
Wake Up - Princess Diaries/Soundtrack VersionHanson
I Love LifeMelissa Lefton
Wanderin' BluesJohn Fiddy, Paul Jones, and Tony Tape
Split PersonalityP!nk
Stupid CupidMandy Moore
Always TomorrowNobody's Angel
Away With The Summer DaysYoungstown
Miracles Happen - Soundtrack VersionMyra
Miss You MoreBB Mak
What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)Backstreet Boys
Hold OnB*Witched
Heartbreak Lullaby - Ballad VersionA*Teens
William Tell OvertureNational Philharmonic Orchestra

Official Soundtrack OST

The Princess Diaries - Official Soundtrack

The Princess Diaries

25 songs • 2001-01-01
1.Main Titles - Princess Diaries Score
John Debney
2.Queen Clarisse - Score
John Debney
3.Mia Invites Lilly To The Ball - Score
John Debney
4.The Princess Diaries Waltz - Score
John Debney
5.Mia's Makeover - Score
John Debney
6.Princess Lessons - Score
John Debney
7.A New Mia - Score
John Debney
8.Mia Flees - Score
John Debney
9.Sorry, Dad - Score
John Debney
10.Lana, The Traitor - Score
John Debney
11.Mia Visits The Consulate - Score
John Debney
12.Scooter Talk - Score
John Debney
13.I Don't Want To Be A Princess - Score
John Debney
14.Father Talk - Score
John Debney
15.The Ball - Score
John Debney
16.Meeting The Prime Minister - Score
John Debney
17.A Letter From The King - Score
John Debney
18.It's A Real Job - Score
John Debney
19.Mia's Decision - Score
John Debney
20.Learning To Walk - Score
John Debney
21.Mia Apologizes - Score
John Debney
22.Can I Call You Joe? - Score
John Debney
23.The Kiss - Score
John Debney
24.Harp Interlude - Score
John Debney
25.The Princess Diaries Medley - Score
John Debney


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