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A Mighty Wind (2003) Soundtrack

16 Apr 2003





A Mighty Wind, released on 16 Apr 2003, consists of a playlist of 17 credited songs, from various artists including The Folksmen, The New Main Street Singers and Mitch & Mickey. and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 8 April, consisting of 17 original tracks.

List of Songs

Old Joe's PlaceThe Folksmen
The Good Book SongThe New Main Street Singers
When You're Next to MeMitch & Mickey
A Kiss At the End of the RainbowMitch & Mickey
One More TimeMitch & Mickey
Just That Kinda DayThe New Main Street Singers
Never Did No Wanderin'The New Main Street Singers
Main Street RagThe New Main Street Singers
Skeletons of QuintoThe Folksmen
Loco ManThe Folksmen
Fare AwayThe New Main Street Singers
Potato's In the Paddy WagonThe New Main Street Singers
Irv's BluesCJ Vanston and Christopher Guest
Being Mitch CJ Vanston
Barnyard SymphonyThe Folksmen
A Mighty WindThe Folksmen
The Catheter SongMickey Crabbe

Official Soundtrack OST

A Mighty Wind - The Album - Official Soundtrack

A Mighty Wind - The Album

17 songs • 2003-04-08
1.Old Joe's Place
The Folksmen
2.Just That Kinda Day
The New Main Street Singers
3.When You're Next to Me
Mitch & Mickey
4.Never Did No Wanderin'
The Folksmen
5.Fare Away
The New Main Street Singers
6.One More Time
Mitch & Mickey
7.Loco Man
The Folksmen
8.The Good Book Song
The New Main Street Singers
9.Skeletons of Quinto
The Folksmen
10.Never Did No Wanderin'
The New Main Street Singers
11.The Ballad of Bobby and June
Mitch & Mickey
12.Blood On the Coal
The Folksmen
13.Main Street Rag
The New Main Street Singers
14.Start Me Up
The Folksmen
15.Potato's In the Paddy Wagon
The New Main Street Singers
16.A Kiss At the End of the Rainbow
Mitch & Mickey
17.A Mighty Wind
The Folksmen

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