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Flags of Our Fathers (2006) Soundtrack

18 Oct 2006





Flags of Our Fathers, released on 18 Oct 2006, consists of a playlist of 6 credited songs, from various artists including Kyle Eastwood, Artie Shaw and Dinah Shore. The original score is composed by Clint Eastwood, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 17 October, consisting of 20 original tracks.

List of Songs

Knock KnockKyle Eastwood
Summit Ridge DriveArtie Shaw
I'll Walk AloneDinah Shore
Vict'ry PolkaSammy Cahn and Jule Styne
Any Bonds Today? Irving Berlin
End Titles Guitar - Flags Of Our FathersBruce Forman

Official Soundtrack OST

Flags Of Our Fathers (Original Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

Flags Of Our Fathers (Original Soundtrack)

20 songs • 2006-10-17
1.The Photograph
Lennie Niehaus
2.I'll Walk Alone
Dinah Shore
3.Knock Knock
Kyle Eastwood
4.Wounded Marines
Lennie Niehaus
5.The Thunderer
Lennie Niehaus
6.Armada Arrives
Lennie Niehaus
7.Goodbye Ira
Lennie Niehaus
8.Symphony in G Minor, 3rd Movement
Lennie Niehaus
9.String Quartet Opus #6, 2nd Movt
Lennie Niehaus
10.Inland Battle
Lennie Niehaus
11.Flag Raising
Lennie Niehaus
12.Any Bonds Today?
Vivien Lesiak
13.Summit Ridge Drive
Artie Shaw & his Gramercy Five
14.Vict'ry Polka
Vivien Lesiak
15.The Medals
Lennie Niehaus
16.Platoon Swims
Lennie Niehaus
17.Washington Post March
Lennie Niehaus
18.Flags Theme
Lennie Niehaus
19.End Titles Guitar - Flags Of Our Fathers
Bruce Forman
20.End Titles - Flags Of Our Fathers
Lennie Niehaus

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