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The Guardian (2006) Soundtrack

28 Sep 2006





The Guardian, released on 28 Sep 2006, consists of a playlist of 21 credited songs, from various artists including , Kasabian and Lisa Lavie. The original score is composed by Trevor Rabin, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 1 January, consisting of 12 original tracks.

List of Songs

Club FootKasabian
The Mockingbird Lisa Lavie
Seven-Year ItchAbby Ahmad
Once AgainRichard Davis and Neil Artwick
Hold On I'm Comin'Bonnie Bramlett
So Lovely Colby Beserra
Hold Tight Tad Robinson
Something To Talk About - Original VersionSHeDAISY
Love & Happiness - Original VersionBonnie Bramlett
Run Me in the DirtCraig Miller
HowlBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club
No More You Chicago Catz
Tri-MeAbby Ahmad
New DaySounds From The Ground
Shake Up the World Stevie Butler
Home to HoustonSteve Earle
Jazzy PianoNeil Artwick
Friday Night Cheryl Wilson
Never Let Go - Original VersionBryan Adams
Run Me In The Dirt (Throwdown) - Original VersionButch Flythe & Joseph "Butch" Flythe

Official Soundtrack OST

The Guardian - Official Soundtrack

The Guardian

12 songs • 2006-01-01
1.Never Let Go - Original Version
Bryan Adams
2.Something To Talk About - Original Version
7.Saturday Night
4.Love & Happiness - Original Version
Bonnie Bramlett
5.The Mockingbird - Original Version
Lisa Lavie
6.Hold Tight - Original Version
Tad Robinson
Abby Ahmad
8.Hold On, I'm Coming - Original Version
Bonnie Bramlett
9.Shake Up The World - Original Version
Stevie "Funkworm" Butler
10.Friday Night - Original Version
Cheryl Wilson
11.Run Me In The Dirt (Throwdown) - Original Version
Butch Flythe & Joseph "Butch" Flythe
12.The Guardian Suite - Score
Trevor Rabin

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