Balls of Fury (2007) Soundtrack

29 Aug 2007

Randy Daytona was a child ping pong prodigy who lost his chance at Olympic gold when his father is murdered by the mysterious Feng over a gambling debt. 15yrs later he's down on his luck and scraping a living doing seedy back room shows in Vegas; when the FBI turn up and ask for his help to take down Feng... who just happens to love Ping Pong.





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List of Songs

Olympic Fanfare (Bugler's Dream)East Coast All Stars
Rock Of AgesDef Leppard
Two Tickets to ParadiseEddie Money
Seven Minutes In HeavenDave Feldstein
Spicy LoveGabriel Candiani
Fear's Last Step (as heard in Balls Of Fury)Brian Tichy
PhotographDef Leppard
Story Of The Lantern FestivalHe Wang Bao & Chu Xiao Qing
Without YouLouis LaMedica
MatsuiHikari Taiko
ChikaraHikari Taiko
BondageCharles Gansa
Girl From Ypsilanti (as heard in Joyride)Daniel May
Balls of FuryCraig Wedren
Nothin' But A Good TimePoison

Official Soundtrack

Balls Of Fury (Original Motion Picture Score) - Official Soundtrack

Balls Of Fury (Original Motion Picture Score)

23 songs • 2007-01-01
1.History In A Paddle
Randy Edelman
2.Shock From An Eastern Bloc
Randy Edelman
3.A Harsh Ballerina
Randy Edelman
4.Tiny Balls Go Olympic
Randy Edelman
5.Training Shakedown
Randy Edelman
6.Open Invitation
Randy Edelman
7.Journey To The Competition
Randy Edelman
8.Reflecting In A Glass Pool
Randy Edelman
9.Sweet Victory
Randy Edelman
10.Statesman Feng Makes The Intros
Randy Edelman
11.Falling Hard And Going Soft
Randy Edelman
12.On The Bridge
Randy Edelman
13.Cracking The Ice
Randy Edelman
Randy Edelman
15.Homecourt Advantage
Randy Edelman
16.Taking All Comers
Randy Edelman
17.Blood Ties
Randy Edelman
18.Storming The Garrison
Randy Edelman
19.An Old Wise Tale
Randy Edelman
20.Facing The Dragoness
Randy Edelman
21.Pong The Swords
Randy Edelman
22.Spoons And Bugs
Randy Edelman
23.Little Girls Don't Cry
Randy Edelman


Balls of Fury (Trailer 2007)



Randy Edelman





16 songs
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