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Enchanted (2007) Soundtrack

20 Nov 2007





Enchanted, released on 20 Nov 2007, consists of a playlist of 14 credited songs, from various artists including Amy Adams, Amy Adams and Alan Menken. The original score is composed by Alan Menken, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 1 January, consisting of 15 original tracks.

List of Songs

True Love's Kiss - From "Enchanted"/ Soundtrack VersionAmy Adams
Happy Working Song - From "Enchanted" / Soundtrack VersionAmy Adams
Part Of Your World (Reprise)Alan Menken
That's How You Know - From "Enchanted"/Soundtrack VersionAmy Adams
Beauty and the BeastAlan Menken
That's Amore - From "Enchanted"/Soundtrack VersionJames Marsden
So Close - From "Enchanted"/Soundtrack VersionJon McLaughlin
Ever Ever After Carrie Underwood
Pink Elephants on ParadeFrank Churchill and Oliver Wallace
Robin Hood BalladsElton Hayes and Lawrence Edward Watkin
Poor Giant Paul J. Smith
Mickey Makes a BargainPaul J. Smith
LamentOliver Wallace
Sweet NightsErnest Bradshaw

Official Soundtrack OST

Enchanted - Official Soundtrack


15 songs • 2007-01-01
1.True Love's Kiss - From "Enchanted"/ Soundtrack Version
Amy Adams
2.Happy Working Song - From "Enchanted" / Soundtrack Version
Amy Adams
3.That's How You Know - From "Enchanted"/Soundtrack Version
Amy Adams
4.So Close - From "Enchanted"/Soundtrack Version
Jon McLaughlin
5.Ever Ever After - From "Enchanted" / Soundtrack Version
Carrie Underwood
6.Andalasia - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
7.Into the Well - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
8.Robert Says Goodbye - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
9.Nathaniel and Pip - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
10.Prince Edward's Search - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
11.Girls Gone Shopping - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
12.Narissa Arrives - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
13.Storybook Ending - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
14.Enchanted Suite - From "Enchanted"/Score
Alan Menken
15.That's Amore - From "Enchanted"/Soundtrack Version
James Marsden

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