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2 Nov 2011





Tower Heist, released on 2 Nov 2011, consists of a playlist of 24 credited songs, from various artists including Tom Tom Club, New York City and Euday L. Bowman. The original score is composed by Christophe Beck, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 11 October, consisting of 22 original tracks.

List of Songs

Genius of LoveTom Tom Club
I'm Doin' Fine NowNew York City
Twelfth Street RagEuday L. Bowman
Dadeland Girl Salaam Remi
Groovin'Booker T. & the M.G.'s
Drum CadencesThe Ohio State University Marching Band
She Got Me Krunkadelic
El AfricanoWilfrido Vargas
An American ChristmasUniversity of Washington Husky Marching Band
QuimbaraCelia Cruz
Happy birthday to youPatty Smith Hill
The Stars and Stripes ForeverJohn Philip Sousa
Charge the Field Jeremy Sweet
Disco FrogKermit
Drumline CadencesLSU Tiger Marching Band
FootlifterThe Macy's Great American Marching Band
Hey, Look Me OverLSU Tiger Marching Band
Land of 1000 Dances Christopher Kenner
SpongeBob SquarePants Theme SongSpongebob Squarepants
Christmas Medley APM Music
Parade RouteJeremy Sweet, Sean Vega and Amjad Albasel
Basketball Pep BandSarah Scarlata
Mi Bomba SonóTito Puente
Santa's Parade Tom Wallace

Official Soundtrack OST

Tower Heist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

Tower Heist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

22 songs • 2011-10-11
1.Theme from Tower Heist
Christophe Beck
2.Code Black
Christophe Beck
Christophe Beck
4.The Germ
Christophe Beck
5.Lester's Loss
Christophe Beck
6.My Little Bitch
Christophe Beck
7.Macy's Day
Christophe Beck
8.The Marshall Swindle
Christophe Beck
9.Right At Rikers
Christophe Beck
10.Fifty Dollar Thrift Lift
Christophe Beck
11.The Charlie Deception
Christophe Beck
12.We Go On Snoopy
Christophe Beck
13.Courthouse Con
Christophe Beck
14.Grand Theft Auto
Christophe Beck
15.Gonna Call Ralph
Christophe Beck
16.Strong Box Situation
Christophe Beck
17.Shaft Fail
Christophe Beck
18.Odessa's Cake
Christophe Beck
Christophe Beck
Christophe Beck
21.Gold Rush
Christophe Beck
22.End Titles
Christophe Beck

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