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Alice Soundtrack [2022]

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Brother's Gonna Work It Out - Willie Hutch

Brother's Gonna Work It Out

Willie Hutch


Frank drives down a road in Georgia when Alice runs out into the road and faints in front of his truck; Frank picks up Alice from the road and drives off; Alice is suddenly thrusted into the world of the 1970s as she realizes its not the 1800s but 1973; Alice begins to struggle to to understand the progressive world around her after being raised on a slave plantation.

Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

Higher Ground

Stevie Wonder


Frank in the continued belief that Alice is suffering from amnesia and in disbelief of her plantation and slavery tale attempts to try to help Alice remember the most common and basic well-known things that most people known in modern times.

Nobody Knows - Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir


Frank leaves Alice alone at his home to attend work for the day; Alice still in disbelief of her current circumstance or the social advancement beings to go through the numerous pictures, news clippings, records, books and magazines that she finds around Frank's house; Alice finds a gun in Frank's keepsake box then begins calling listings for Rachel Bennett.

Charms - Piero Piccioni


Montage of Alice finds out about the Emancipation Proclamation and the events that followed the freedom of slaves in 1863 as well as the people like Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Fred Hampton and Rosa Parks; Alice beings to break down in the realization that she has been free her whole life and not a slave as she has been led to believe by the Bennett family.

Reflections - Diana Ross & The Supremes


Frank goes through his closet in search of clothing and shoes for Alice to wear to meet with Rachel; Inspired by the Rolling Stones cover photo of Diana Ross from Frank's magazines, Alice gives herself a new haircut and style; Frank drives Alice to Bobbie's diner to confront, Rachel.

Think (About It) - Lyn Collins

Think (About It)

Lyn Collins


Alice using Frank's gun takes her final revenge on Paul Bennet and his family; already notified by Frank of a forest fire the authorities begin to arrive to the plantation as it and the surround area burns; a wounded Joseph is helped back to main grounds, revealing to Alice that he didn't die during the escape attempt; 1st end credits song.

I Believe (feat. Karriem Riggins, Isaiah Sharkey & Burniss Travis) - Chaka Khan

I Believe (feat. Karriem Riggins, Isaiah Sharkey & Burniss Travis)

Chaka Khan


(new version of song) 2nd credits song.


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Trailer Songs

I Shall Not Be Moved Trailerized - SATV Music

I Shall Not Be Moved Trailerized

SATV Music


[instrumental version] Alice Trailer (2022)



6 days ago

The song at the end of the film Alice which is not on the soundtrack would really like to know please...

0 replies

Daniel Wilson (GUEST)

4 months ago

There’s a song on the end credits that is not listed. What is it. (Not - I Believe)

2 replies


3 months ago

Yes i want to know it also


3 months ago

Did anyone find out? Thanks.


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Common, Patrick Warren

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