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As They Made Us (2022) Soundtrack

8 Apr 2022





As They Made Us, released on 8 Apr 2022, consists of a playlist of 14 credited songs, from various artists including Mimi And Richard Farina, Audio Network and Frankie Laine. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Melany Mitchell. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as The Broken Hearts Gallery. The original score is composed by Kevin Besignano.

List of Songs

Pack Up Your SorrowsMimi And Richard Farina
Honour the Brave Audio Network
Baby, Baby All The TimeFrankie Laine
Ineffectual IntellectualKevin Besignano
I Wish I Was the MoonNeko Case
Happy Birthday To YouCast
Voz Geven Iz Geven Un NitoDianna Agron
Moving To The CityKevin Besignano
ChangesPhil Ochs
Couldn't Wish More for YouRoseanne Reid
Down The RoadKevin Besignano
Nathan's HouseKevin Besignano
Pack Up Your SorrowsMini and Richard Farina
You Don't Need Your Daddy Anymore Tom Jackson

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