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The soundtrack for "The Wedding Year" is the perfect accompaniment to the movie, adding an extra layer of emotion and fun to the scenes. The film stars Sarah Hyland as Mara and Tyler James Williams as Jake. The composer is Raney Shockne. It features a selection of classic love songs, as well as some original music specifically written for the film. From up-tempo pop numbers to slow ballads and even dreamy instrumentals, this soundtrack has something for everyone. Whether it’s the soundtrack playing in the background of a romantic moment between the two leads, or the soundtrack enhancing a funny scene, it adds an extra sparkle to the film. The soundtrack is sure to make you feel all the feels and will be stuck in your head long after you’ve watched the movie. So, get ready to experience "The Wedding Year" soundtrack and fall in love all over again.

List of Songs

Make a Mess - The Upsided

Make a Mess

The Upsided


Intro track with intro credits and introducing Mara’s character and the film’s setting.

Maybe - Stacy Clark


Plays during a montage of Mara and Jake being affectionate and going on dates.

The Invitation - Raney Shockne

The Invitation

Raney Shockne


Plays during montage of Mara and Jake each receiving a lot wedding invitations.

Drinking Games - Raney Shockne

Drinking Games

Raney Shockne


Plays during scene of Mara and Jake drinking and trying to go through the weddings invitations.

Le Freak - CHIC

Le Freak



Plays during the first wedding where Mara meets Nicole and gets jealous and imagines herself dancing. She’s also really drunk. Plays again at Alex and Zak’s wedding.

Hotel (feat. R. Kelly) - Cassidy

Hotel (feat. R. Kelly)



Plays when Mara and Jake leave their low-grade hotel to steal a kid’s bike and drive through the city to the next wedding.

Who's Left to Laugh - Danny Eldridge

Who's Left to Laugh

Danny Eldridge


Plays when Mara and Jake are being romantic and then Jake proposes marriage to Mara.

Love Me by Now - Tayler Buono

Love Me by Now

Tayler Buono

1h 4m

Plays after Mara breaks up with Jake and they call off their engagement. Mara is heartbroken but she wanted her own life. Jake is also heartbroken and is shown on a bus.

Traffic and Tears - Raney Shockne

Traffic and Tears

Raney Shockne

1h 7m

When Mara is setting up her photography website, featuring photos of Jake.

Stranger Still (Daniel T Remix) - Vetiver

Stranger Still (Daniel T Remix)


1h 9m

Plays during montage of Jake doing his culinary work for a critic and Mara pursuing her photography career.

Big Girl - Stella Mwangi

1h 12m

Mara goes on a Tinder date and has a one-night-stand because she’s sad about the breakup.

The Wedding Year - Raney Shockne

The Wedding Year

Raney Shockne

1h 23m

When Mara and Jake rekindle their relationship at Alex and Zak’s wedding.

Smooth Sailin' - Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds

1h 25m

First end credit song

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