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Love's Greek to Me Soundtrack [2023]

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Se Thello - Elizabeth!

Se Thello



Mike and Ilana drive to their hotel in Greece.

Pes Mou - El Griego

Pes Mou

El Griego


After spending the entire day with her mother-in-law, Lana attends the party.

Toso S'agapo - Zan Batist

Toso S'agapo

Zan Batist


Prior to eating dinner at the restaurant, Mike takes Ilana out on Petrus' boat.

Kerkyra's Girls

Dimitris Papageorgiou


When Mike and Ilana eat dinner at the restaurant and talk about the wedding plans, this music is playing in the background. Ilana realizes she misplaced the necklace.

GREEKo FREAKo - Sophiya




At the bachelorette celebration, Ilana runs across Lea, Alexandra's cousin. Athena declares that Gavaros has accepted her offer.

Baklava - Tele Music


Tele Music

1h 11m

At the celebration, the guests are doing a traditional Greek dance.

Gia Afta Ta Matia - Dimitris Karadimos

Gia Afta Ta Matia

Dimitris Karadimos

1h 11m

Ilana apologizes to Mike as she approaches him at the gathering.

Tender Anticipation - Nathalie Bonin

Tender Anticipation

Nathalie Bonin

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Greek Hasapiko - Andreas Markatis

Greek Hasapiko

Andreas Markatis

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Aegean Islands

Robert John Foster

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These Earthly Eyes

Dimitris Karadimos

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Rain (GUEST)

3 months ago

Do you know the song that was playing when the guests were doing a traditional Greek dance at the party?

0 replies

Queenie (GUEST)

3 months ago

There was a song playing in the background when Mike and Ilana were discussing their wedding plans at the restaurant. Does anyone know it? Thanks

0 replies

Polly (GUEST)

3 months ago

I really liked the song when Mike took Ilana out on Petrus’ boat before having dinner at the restaurant. Do you know what it is?

0 replies

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