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The Great Gatsby (2013) Soundtrack

10 May 2013





The Great Gatsby, released on 10 May 2013, consists of a playlist of 51 credited songs, from various artists including JAY Z & Kanye West, Irving Aaronson & His Commanders and Kanye West & JAY Z. The original score is composed by Craig Armstrong.

List of Songs

No Church In the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean & The-Dream)JAY Z & Kanye West
Let's MisbehaveIrving Aaronson & His Commanders
Who Gon Stop MeKanye West & JAY Z
Love Is the DrugBryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
Bang BangThe Bryan Ferry Orchestra
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock
Rhapsody In BlueGeorge Gershwin
Over the LoveFlorence + the Machine
New Orleans BumpJelly Roll Morton
Izzo (H.O.V.A.)JAY Z
100$ BillJAY Z
100$ BillThe Bryan Ferry Orchestra
Where the Wind BlowsCoco O.
Crazy In LoveEmeli Sandé
Young and BeautifulLana Del Rey
Back to BlackBeyoncé
Back to BlackBryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
Young and BeautifulThe Bryan Ferry Orchestra
"Can't Repeat the Past?"Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire
TogetherThe xx
Love Is BlindnessJack White
Can't Repeat the PastThe Bryan Ferry Orchestra
Into the PastNero
Hearts a MessGotye
Kill and RunSia
StillLionel Richie
Ain't Misbehavin'Louis Armstrong
St. Louis BluesLouis Armstrong
Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken DownAlicia Keys
Oh! You Have No Idea (feat. Andrea Martin)The Bryan Ferry Orchestra & Andrea Martin
Happy TogetherFilter
Bedroom HymnsFlorence + the Machine

Official Soundtrack OST

No soundtracks are currently available for this title.

Trailer Songs

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gretas245 years ago
What song is playing when Gatsby and Daisy have tea
davide_pelliccioni5 years ago
What version of Young and Beautiful is playing when gatsby and daisy Ste dancing in the hall with the organ??? It's a strange version with the chorus..where i can find it?
123eboza5 years ago
what is the song played in the background when nick and daisy and tom go to gatsby party for the first time around 1:10:20 - 1:11-30 Its a very famous one i just cant hear the lyrics clear enough and it been killing me!
justin_litke5 years ago
What version of Young and Beautiful is playing as Gatsby and Daisy dance in the hall. It's the version with a chorus and extra drum.
newsunnn5 years ago
whats the song where the party is died down dramtically and theres only a few stragglers left. nicks makes an observation of this. people were probably all drunk and stuff. the few stagglers left pretty much were just standing around or leaving. its not on the sound track .
rahulkonjengbam5 years ago
Whats the orchestral music played at around. 12:20. When nick and daisy chat outside after the dinner looking through the green light and the camera goes toward gatsby's residence and gatsby walking on his dock hid by the white light , in the movie the great gatsby.
cori_tom5 years ago
What’s the song played when Tom takes Nick to Myrtle’s flat and they had that party? It goes "I Cant Stop"
aaron_davis5 years ago
What's the song when Gatsby and Nick drive into the city, shows him the Oxford photograph and the medal from Montenegro, and the cop comes up and attempts to pull them over, but Gatsby pulls out his card.
matthewm5 years ago
What orchestral music is heard during the scene where Gatsby and Daisy dance alone in Gatsby's mansion after Nick leaves (when Daisy tells Gatsby that she wishes she had done everything with him)?
harm_kramer5 years ago
What orchestral music is heard during the car chase between Tom, Jordan and Nick in one car and Gatsby and Daisy in the other, for a couple of minutes before hitting Myrtle?

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