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26 Sep 2013

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Rush (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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10 Sep 2013

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    Joerg_Bluhm0 points ago
    What Song was playing in the radio when Nikki was driving in with Marlene in her peugot?
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    juankamb0 points ago
    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at the minute one?
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    Lazlo Van Hoffen0 points ago
    There is one more song in the movie "rush" that has not been credited. It's the song "What is life" from George Harrison, the song appears (for less than 40 seconds) in a scene near the end of the movie, showing an ordinary street car passing a road or street (I do not remember who was the driver, perhaps Niki Lauda or his wife).
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    David Tassone0 points ago
    What is the song that plays when Niki has the 2 Italians in the car and he floors it! nly plays for about 20 seconds but sounds great!
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