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Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) Soundtrack

25 Jun 2014





Transformers: Age of Extinction, released on 25 Jun 2014, consists of a playlist of 54 credited songs, from various artists including Salva, T.J. Miller and Racing Glaciers. The original score is composed by Steve Jablonsky.

List of Songs

Nasty GirlT.J. Miller
First LightRacing Glaciers
U Can't Touch ThisMC Hammer
Battle CryImagine Dragons
DaybreakHan Geng
Moonlight Reflected On the Er-Quan SpringLei Qiang
All For YouImagine Dragons
Dat Slap (feat. Fiend)Rodnae Da Boss

Official Soundtrack OST

No soundtracks are currently available for this title.

Trailer Songs

Currently no trailer songs have been added for this movie. Please add any songs heard in trailers, featurettes or promos here.


jayg0310 months ago
How many people wish that when crossfire (green corvette) asked who Cade was Prime would have said "He found me, saved me, my life is in his hands so I shall give mine to protect his" *Looks over at bumblebee* "Just like Sam did for us" <-- Sam Witwicky.
okechukwu_njokua year ago
Tessa- Steve Jablonsky
guest2 years ago
When bumblebee kicks stinger in the scanning area he transforms and plays a song. It starts like homie boy. Can u find what is the name of the music
guest2 years ago
What is the song that’s playing when yager is driving by the railroad tracks.? It’s not on the soundtrack
paola kirova3 years ago
Where can I listen this song: nasty girl - t.j.miller ?
adam_nurfirman5 years ago
What soundtrack when optimus prime fight with lockdown ini ending
ismael_pascual5 years ago
What soundtrack is when Optimus prime gets out and save Cade Yeager
rav20005 years ago
What's the music playing in the background when tessa brings cade dinner? He's fixing the painting robot. It's not on the soundtrack. Thanks in advance.
jãµåÿä›ph_å˜ã¸gä›råÿ5 years ago
Lucas Flannery (Lucus) What Music is he playing in his car when he meets Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager at an old theater where they find Optimus Prime?

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