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7 Aug 2014

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31 Jul 2014

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    • Virginia_Mayer
      1 reply
      What's the dance song that Wallace and Chantry dance to when they go out to a club? I can't find it anywhere and Shazam doesn't recognize it. I am in love, please HELP!
    • Maya_Jenny
      1 reply
      What's the song that plays when Wallis and Chantry are playing in the water. I know that the one that follows immediately is Beach Bummer. I looked through the song but I'm not sure if I missed it or something. And it was hard to note down the lyrics...Any help would be appreciated!! :)
    • Jack101
      0 replies
      what about when they talk about the worst thing that happened to them and we hear chantry's worst thing, they're in their cell phone, what background music are they using?