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Nightcrawler (2014) Soundtrack

23 Oct 2014





Nightcrawler, released on 23 Oct 2014, consists of a playlist of 115 credited songs, from various artists including Warren Bennet, Aaron Frederick Laszlo Wheeler and Marc Oliver Vickers. The original score is composed by James Newton Howard.

List of Songs

News BriefWarren Bennet
Headline StoryAaron Frederick Laszlo Wheeler
Hot News PunchMarc Oliver Vickers
City of Angels (feat. C Plus)All in a JaysWork
Patrona De Los ReclusosThe Latin Brothers
Honky Tonk Hoe DownRichard Myhill
BlamGlyn Michael Owen
Bargains Here For YouCath Baxter
The Joust - Part 1Victor Shoen
Eliminate the NightJoan Osborne
Doubt MeAll in a JaysWork
Business ProfileMatthew Cang
The Beach LandThe Sadies
La Marcha De ZacatecasGran Mariachi Ordaz
EstrellitaCecilio Perera
Welcome BackJonathan Paul Hodge
Kind of MagicBlair Booth
Primetime NewsAnselm C. Kreuzer
Lullaby BoxLeo Nissim
Wild CardBuddy Miller
Here is the NewsOliver James Vassey
Breaking NewsDave Hewson and Johnny Pearson
Metro FanfareBella Russell and Nigel Peter Beaham-Powell
Current ReportAlan Bell and Roger Stephen Dexter
Regional ReportDavid John Arnold and Bruce Upchurch
We've Got the ChoiceCath Baxter
News RoundupCharles Riba and Nigel M. Squires
Mr. JollyOzgur Salur
I'd Love To Change the WorldJetta
Our Changing WorldDavid Hewson

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