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Lap Dance (2014) Soundtrack

5 Dec 2014





Lap Dance, released on 5 Dec 2014, consists of a playlist of 46 credited songs, from various artists including Leonard Bunn, David J. Carpenter, Jason Feddy and Michelle Christine Mai.

List of Songs

FAV StripperLeonard Bunn, David J. Carpenter
Anything You WantJason Feddy
I Got U Where I Want YouMichelle Christine Mai
Mango StreetN. Sanchez, D. Carpenter, Dave Way, Evan Stone
Up and DownLow Blow
The Long Way (feat. July 3-0 & Keith Dixon)D.Willz
LonelinessJill Knight
Hustler IntentionzD.Willz
I SurrenderN. Sanchez, D. Carpenter, Dave Way, Evan Stone
Won't Let You DownD.Willz
Standing Beside YouJill Knight
Black NovaEvan Palmer
Skandier's SongJason Feddy, David Carpenter
Love Me Some MeAmon Flanagan, Keith Robinson, Christopher Carpent
The EndJosh Barrett, Brianna Lee
Heat of the MomentAmon Flanagan, Christopher Carpenter, Bobby Smith
JosephJill Knight
Cry My Heart OutThomas 'Osby' Bird
Emotional RollercoasterSeefor Yourself
Feels GoodShelene Thomas
Throw it BackThe Outskertz
Break Up to Make UpSeefor Yourself
So BossyThe Outskertz
The Wordy SongN. Sanchez, D. Carpenter, Dave Way, Evan Stone
Blue DreamJay Coop
SilhouetteSeefor Yourself
Bachelorette PartySeefor Yourself
Ball OutEndless
Heat of the MomentSeefor Yourself
No ApologyEzra Henderson
Take It HomeLow Blow
Eyes Wide ShutCierra Denise Carter
I Want SomeBig Tree
Everything's YesLow Blow
Press GoLow Blow
Working GirlSeefor Yourself
Just KissedKeith Robinson
Touch Me NowLexi Cruz
The OneKeith Robinson
StagesKeith Robinson

Official Soundtrack OST

No soundtracks are currently available for this title.



morgan210115 years ago
Can someone please please please help me find the song from this movie. It's only a short part of the song that plays when Kevin gets a lap dance to find out if it feels like "someone is touching your elbow" lol I can't find it anywhere!!! I've shazamed that short part and searched what I think were the words and nothing. The worlds go smth like "if someone told me you were drowning"?? Or "wish you told me you were drowning" and music is sort of electronic but singing is kind of R&B?? help plz!

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