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Focus (2015) Soundtrack

25 Feb 2015





Focus, released on 25 Feb 2015, consists of a playlist of 59 credited songs, from various artists including Bruno Hovart, Orgone and Sofa Surfers. The original score is composed by Nick Urata.

List of Songs

I'm a ManchildBruno Hovart
Small TimeOrgone
Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)Sofa Surfers
Please!Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Buck It Like a HorseLil Rascals Brass Band
Mismo LadoLos Cheremeques
Let Me Do My ThingHot 8 Brass Band
Wind It UpStooges Brass Band
The Windmills of Your MindRay Conniff & The Singers
You Don't Have To WorryDoris & Kelley
First WaltzTerrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience
Let Me Go Home, WhiskeySnooks Eaglin
Anything You Want (Not That) [Aldo Vanucci Presents the Cinnamon Kings Remix]Belleruche
Meet Me In the CityJunior Kimbrough
Baby Please Don't GoTHEM
Kernkraft 400Zombie Nation
BackatownTrombone Shorty
Do It AgainRebirth Brass Band
It Takes TwoRob Base & DJ EZ Rock
Sympathy for the DevilThe Rolling Stones
Gimme DangerIggy & The Stooges
Lisboa MulataPedro Gonçalves & Tó Trips
RumberoPedro Gonçalves & Tó Trips
ChorraLos Mareados
Today TomorrowAmparo Battaglia
Body SpeakingLuomo
Gerli Hood (feat. Camilo Castaldi Lira & Alberto Manuel Rodriguez)Ivan Diaz Mathe, Jorge Estenbenet, Sebastián Martínez, Francisco Olivero, Daniel Michel, Juan Manuel Meyer & Gala Iglesias Brickles
La DistanciaLos Cheremeques
Rap Para Las MadresMaría Paz Ferreyra pka Miss Bolivia
Comfortable (feat. X Ambassadors)The Knocks
Corazon De PiedraAlejandro Juan Medina
White BirdIt's a Beautiful Day
Love Makes the World Go RoundBarbara Lewis
RegaloLos Cheremeques
El BlusFernando Diego Barreyro

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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guest2 years ago
What's the song on the background when they're betting on people at the baseball game.
guest3 years ago
Hi, there is another song in the background of that scene in the end - where Will talks with his father in the car and then leaves the car towards the hospital. It’s a very quiet, melodic and apparently a classical song with strings - but I couldn’t find out the name yet (it’s the sing in the background before Barbara Lewis ...) Any idea anyone?! Many thanks!!
ipax19835 years ago
The song at the end of the movie when Will Smith has been shot and his dad is telling why he left, then takes the money. What's is it called? Who is it by and where can I get it?
benjamin30055 years ago
1:12:21 Makeout at Hotel room door scene Slow Piano jazz Music plays, sounds like "moonshine sonata" some one have a clue ?` 1:38:38 as the Father walks away with all the money, she drags em out of the car, and slow subtle Piano Music is beginning. What is that, it sounds like a version of "the winner takes it all", but by whom, and em i right at all ? thx ppl
abemg975 years ago
What's the song at the beginning of the movie when Nicky and Jess first met?
tdavitadze5 years ago
there is this song when Will Smith is in the club in Monaco, pretending to be drinking and Margot Robbie comes down the stairs with a red dress. They have not seen each other for several years and Will needs a moment after he saw her with Gàrriga. Can you please tell me the name of that song, which plays throughout the whole scene ? I have tried Shazam so many times but it did not help. This music also has some kind of arabic elements in it I think. Thank you
phil_rans5 years ago
There was a song in the beginning by Moodorama..II wonder why it didn't make the soundtrack? Good song. Was happy to hear it in the movie.
guest5 years ago
Please tell me what music is running in Nicks car when the tall big friend come and sit in car?????.....thnks
mpauletich8245 years ago
What is the song near the end of the film when Will Smith is back in the hotel room after giving all the other racers the EXR and waiting for Jess to join him? The song begins when he is waiting in the room and continues when he's after to leave but Jess is at the door. The same song comes on again when Will's dad is bringing his back to life after shooting him. Thank you for any help
ifrah_babar5 years ago
When will smith enters in club what was that song?
rrdc5 years ago
Hi, Can anyone please identify the rap song playing in the Argentina nightclub scene where Smith enters and tells the bartender to serve him water w olives instead of vodka martinis because he is a recovering alcoholic? Thank you.

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