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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Soundtrack

22 Apr 2015





Avengers: Age of Ultron, released on 22 Apr 2015, consists of a playlist of 44 credited songs, from various artists including Coro del Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Maria Callas, Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano & Tullio Serafin, Damato and Gregory Porter. The original score is composed by Danny Elfman & Brian Tyler.

List of Songs

Norma, Act I: "Casta diva" (Norma, Chorus)Coro del Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Maria Callas, Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano & Tullio Serafin
Great IntentionsDamato
Liquid SpiritGregory Porter
Drum DuelBrian Tyler
I've Got No StringsDickie Jones
Cinderella, Op. 87 BalletSergei Prokofiev
Full Dress HopGene Krupa and His Orchestra
Berliner Messe: 1. KyrieEstonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Theme from Marvel's AvengersAlan Silvestri
I Can't Get StartedThe BBC Big Band Orchestra
Evening of EleganceBill Keis

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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dean_novak5 years ago
(Spoiler alert) There is a song that plays after the city starts falling, specifically the tune after Scarlet Witch tears Ultron's heart out and Vision starts flying over to her to grab her and get her out of harm's way, and before Tony shouts "Now!" and vaporizes the city. I haven't heard it in the official score (though I'm still looking), but could someone find the name and version of song in which this tune plays? And if it's apart of the official score, what song and when does it start p

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