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Just Before I Go Soundtrack [2014]

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Love Me Tender

Coco Arquette & Johhny McDaid

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Tell Me It's Ok

Snow Patrol


Teddy is with his mother right now. after confessing his desire to end his life to Greta, the granddaughter of his seventh grade teacher.

The Warrior - SCANDAL

The Warrior



Gretta pretends to call Ted's brother to inform him of his suicide mission while singing on Gretta's phone.

Joy of Nothing - Foy Vance

Joy of Nothing

Foy Vance


After their grandma passes away, Greta and Ted carve their names into the tree.

Open Heart

Gary Go


Romeo shares his dream with Zeke as they share a kiss and a cigarette.

Familiar Story - The Windsor Player

Familiar Story

The Windsor Player


While Teddy and Rowley go out for a beverage, music is playing in the background in a bar. Rowley apologizes and explains his behavior at school.

Last Train - Allen Toussaint

Last Train

Allen Toussaint


Rowley and Ted leave the bar. Ted returns to his car and passes out behind the wheel.

Midnight At the Oasis - Maria Muldaur

Midnight At the Oasis

Maria Muldaur


Teddy and Vicky are enjoying a beer at the pub when the first song begins to play in the background.

Shed a Little Light - Foy Vance

Shed a Little Light

Foy Vance


Second song is being played in the background when Teddy and Vicky are out on a date. After confessing their love for one another and sharing a kiss, they decide to meet in a motel to spend the night together.

I Wear Your Heart on My Sleeve

Snow Patrol


Ted tells Vicky that he doesn't want her to leave her family. They break up. Zeke finds Romeo's breakup letter in his locker and starts crying. a tells Kathleen that he knows she doesn't sleep when she masturbates in front of Ted and that she spits in his coffee.

Feel For Me - Foy Vance

Feel For Me

Foy Vance


When Ted comes over to comfort Greta, music is playing at the funeral for her grandma. Ted rejects Greta's advances when she tries to get close to him.

Before I Go

Snow Patrol


Ted drowns in the water.

Closed Hand, Full of Friends - Foy Vance

Closed Hand, Full of Friends

Foy Vance


The song plays in the background as Greta and Ted decide to stay close to each other while Ted is in the hospital. Then, at the celebration where everyone is content together. Greta receives a kiss from Ted. final scene of the movie.

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Erran Baron Cohen

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