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13 Aug 2015





Straight Outta Compton, released on 13 Aug 2015, consists of a playlist of 58 credited songs, from various artists including Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Tears for Fears and Run-DMC. The original score is composed by Joseph Trapanese.

List of Songs

Everybody Loves the SunshineRoy Ayers Ubiquity
Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldTears for Fears
Jam-Master JayRun-DMC
More Bounce to the OunceZapp & Roger
Just Another Day (feat. Asia Bryant)The Game
Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)Hashim
I Didn't Mean to Turn You OnCherrelle
Gangsta GangstaN.W.A.
Weak At the KneesSteve Arrington's Hall of Fame
Boyz-n-the-Hood (feat. Ice Cube)Eazy-E
(Not Just) Knee DeepFunkadelic
Quiet On tha SetN.W.A.
Express YourselfN.W.A.
Fuck tha PoliceN.W.A.
We Want Eazy (feat. MC Ren & Dr. Dre)Eazy-E
8 BallN.W.A.
Straight Outta ComptonN.W.A.
The Nigga Ya Love To HateIce Cube
Real NiggazN.W.A.
No VaselineIce Cube
Deep Cover (Screwed) [feat. Snoop Doggy Dog]Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg
Nuthin' but a "G" ThangDr. Dre
Hail Mary2Pac
California Love (feat. Roger Troutman & Dr. Dre)2Pac
Flava in Ya EarCraig Mack
C.R.E.A.M.Wu-Tang Clan
Talking to My DiaryDr. Dre
Love You DownReady for the World
Computer LoveZapp
Atomic DogGeorge Clinton
Closer to Home (I'm Your Captain)Grand Funk Railroad
Flash LightParliament
C'mon BabeThe 2 Live Crew
Ruder ThumpJason Ruder
Red WineMartin Santiago
Black JayJamie Laboz
Appetite For DestructionN.W.A.
Mothership Connection (Star Child)Parliament
One Nation Under a GrooveFunkadelic
Neighborhood SniperEazy-E
Barking in ComptonBecky Barksdale
Keep Their Heads Ringin' (ft. Nanci Fletcher)Dr. Dre
What Would U Do?Tha Dogg Pound
I Need a DoctorDr. Dre
Forgot About Dre (feat. Eminem)Dr. Dre
Alwayz Into Somethin'N.W.A.
Eazy-er Said Than Dunn (feat. Dr. Dre)Eazy-E
Role ModelEminem
Gin and JuiceSnoop Doggy Dogg
Rap GodEminem

Official Soundtrack OST

No soundtracks are currently available for this title.

Trailer Songs

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guest2 years ago
What'a the electro house groove where Dre is scratchin and hammering an electro funk groove in this bedroom when Ice Cube visits him after the encounter on the school bus with the crenshaw mafias?
guest2 years ago
What's the song playing when Suge and Dre are riding together in a red car to find a random guy parked in Suge's spot
max barnes4 years ago
What's the song when it's playing at that party outside when dre meets dat girl, goes "I can't get over it" I dig it
lapuma ngcengce4 years ago
What is the name of dj yella beat in 2:26:35 in movie before the death of easy???
tyler dimacali4 years ago
Can someone PLEASE tell me what the song in the background of the scene where easy e collapses???
james varlon5 years ago
What's the song playing in the car when Snoop Dogg gives Dr. Dre some "chronic" before it cuts to them doing Nuthin But a G Thang in Dre's mansion?
gabriel tj5 years ago
Anyone know the song when dre walked into Suge knight having a huge party in the studio the song in the background , when dre got mad at Suge
dikiang kg5 years ago
What's the really chilled out one from when dre is first introduced when he's laying down listening to music? Just before his mom yells at him for not going to the interview.
arsald6 years ago
Club song towards the end of the movie when eazy e walks in to talk to ice cube
slsg20156 years ago
What's the one where there in the club, and I think either Dre or Yella is up there and it sounds like "it's time" and it's got a sick beat
lilmaine226 years ago
What is the song right b4 Cube performs in the club. Not weak in the knees. Sounds like a woman is saying "won't you take me out."
what12346 years ago
Whats the song playing in the background when Eazy E is is measuring some weed to sell to try and get rid of his money problems. 1:47:26 in the theatrical cut.
jayvadher6 years ago
whats the song right before they perform dopeman where the white business people are watching it sounds like a bit like ghetto bird - ice cube but slightly diffo? anyone know it?
bahezg6 years ago
What's the song where dre leaves his mom's house it mentions U.S.of A.
vcantu16 years ago
Anyone know the song that was playing when suge knight beat the guys that took his parking spot?
caylee156 years ago
What's the song Ice Cube performs in the club when Dr. Dre is DJing there, and then they get yelled at by the club owner for performing that song?
415axel6 years ago
Whats's the song that dj yella produced & showed eazy e in eazy e's house in the scene where he faints because of HIV
mmmimuks6 years ago
Hello, can anyone tell the name of the sont which was at 12 minute of the movie? :)
clevelandbebbs6 years ago
Anyone know the music from the scene when Eazy E has to escape from the police at the very beginning?

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