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Sleeping With Other People (2015) Soundtrack

26 Jun 2015





Sleeping With Other People, released on 26 Jun 2015, consists of a playlist of 43 credited songs, from various artists including Eyes Lips Eyes, Sugar & The Hi Lows and Party Favor. The original score is composed by Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau.

List of Songs

Don't Blow ItEyes Lips Eyes
Jingle BellsSugar & The Hi Lows
Bap UParty Favor
Modern LoveDavid Bowie
Come OnMikhael Paskalev
Wolf Like Howls From the Bathhouse (S.E. Land Otter Champs)Sonny Smith
UTBTSMiniature Tigers
Get Over ItOK Go
ObliviousMiniature Tigers
We BounceEric V. Hachikian
Ganhou O Meu CaracaoAlana De Fonseca
PalmreaderSonny & The Sunsets
Spring FloweringRudy Khan, Anton Nevski, Pierre Arrachart
Like the ClappersPaul Reeves
RemedyNight Riots
Love MeThe Echo Friendly
Minimum Wage (Bobby Hawkins)Sonny Smith
Welcome to the TerrordomePublic Enemy
Christmas With YouJoel Evans and Friends
As Long As You Are MineSky Fawn
Open SeasonHigh Highs
Moonlight SonataLiberace
BridgeHigh Highs
China TeaRudy Khan, Anton Nevski, Pierre Arrachart
As Long As I Got YouJulia Cavazos, Joleen Belle, Joachim Svare
The Unexpected [feat. Michael Dees]Joel Evans
Double VisionThe Ponys
People and So OnFriska Viljor
Fuck It and WhateverThe Echo Friendly

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guest2 years ago
what song is playing both when lainey and matthew are having sex in his office and when she leaves after seeing him at the party?

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