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Nerve (2016) Soundtrack

27 Jun 2016





Nerve, released on 27 Jun 2016, consists of a playlist of 241 credited songs, from various artists including Basenji, Rob Simonsen and MØ. The original score is composed by Rob Simonsen.

List of Songs

Can't Get EnoughBasenji
Game OnRob Simonsen
Get DownJess Kent
I Don't DreamSweetmates
SoapMelanie Martinez
Darken the DoorCrystal Stilts
Since I Don't Have YouThe Skyliners
You Got ItRoy Orbison
Baby Bunny Sugar HoneyLittle Jerry Williams
Electric LoveBØRNS
Percussion Music For Film The Wagner College Sea
Into the NightBenny Mardones
Ride (feat. Icona Pop)Lowell
Give Me One More ChanceThe Diplomats of Solid Sound & The Diplomettes
Night DriveRob Simonsen
Hurricane (Arty Remix)Halsey
InvertebrateDarke Complex
Black Belts (feat. Pyramid Quince)Pyramid Vritra
C.R.E.A.M.Wu-Tang Clan
Mega Secrets Family Portrait
Deep Down Low (VIP Remix)Valentino Khan
BenderBro Safari
BassicallyTei Shi
OkayHoly Ghost!
Down LowAlex Winston
Give Me MoreGrandtheft
Crime CutzHoly Ghost!
Forget ItBlood Orange
Lucky I Got What I WantJungle
The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned BlackJóhann Jóhannsson
Somewhere to RunKrewella

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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guest2 years ago
what's the song playing at the very end... the song that says "you lift me up and up".
guest2 years ago
Does anybody know the song at the end when the movie is almost over and the screen shows pictures of Vees Family ad her entourage? Thanks in advance
guest3 years ago
What is the song played by the computer when Vee is in the container?
nada maatalah5 years ago
Does anybody know the song that was playing when tommy is driving ?
emma foster5 years ago
What is the name of the song that plays when Sydney is dancing at the party before she gets the dare to walk across the ladder?
shayne fite5 years ago
whats the name of the song when the girl gets pretend shot?
heather layla5 years ago
Does anybody know what song was playing near the end when vee was on ferry and ian was on the train??
soru5 years ago
Nerve Playlist on Spotify
itskellyta5 years ago
What's the name of the first song that plays in the ending credits? The main lyrics of the song are "you lift me up and up/up and off the floor"
lukasalazar5 years ago
2nd and 3rd songs for the credits?
_jackie_5 years ago
Does anyone know the song used at the tattoo parlor when Ian and Vee go there as a dare? I know one of the lines in the song is "Got a / Dollar dollar bill y'all"

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